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Chapter 7 Liquidation Fees


              *Covers the basic Chapter 7 case. See our retainer agreement for the scope of services covered under the flat fee rate as well as rates for all additional services as may be necessary. 

Chapter 13 Re-Organization Fees

Mortgage Modification Mediation in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13

  • Mediation Fee - $585.00
  • Our flat rate attorney fee - $1100.00 (the court allowed attorney fees are $2,500)

​In comparison with other bankruptcy attorneys, we are able to offer substantially reduced attorney fees because we do not have an expensive advertising budget, high rent costs, or employee costs. Because our fees are extremely competitive, we require that all fees and court costs must be paid in full prior to the time that the petition is filed with the court. 

Accepted forms of payment: cashier's check, cash, money order. We do not accept payments by credit cards because this would violate bankruptcy law. However, we may accept credit card payment from the client’s relative or friend, as long as the payment is a gift, not a loan, otherwise you will have to list the loan on your bankruptcy schedules as a debt owed. 

  Bankrutpcy Fees