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The SIU unit has a variety of ways to investigate claims. The insurance company may hire a private investigator to go out and videotape a claimant, speak to neighbors and friends, or search the claimant’s social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, in an attempt to obtain evidence against the claimant in order to minimize the settlement, or reduce the personal injury claim award for damages.

With such different practices employed by private investigators, personal injury claimants must be on alert when conducting themselves in public and sharing information on social media accounts. Even the most innocent public activities can be misconstrued and represented in a false light against the plaintiff during a personal injury trial. Furthermore, at all times a claimant should not perform activities inconsistent with his or her complaints to the treating physician and must comply with the physical limitations approved by the doctor.

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  Insurance Investigation of Personal Injury Claims

Many insurance companies use computer fraud detection programs that red flag claims based on certain statistical indicators of fraud, such as whether there is a police report or whether it happened at night. The flagged cases are then reviewed by an insurance company’s SIU, or a special investigations unit.

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