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  Grounds for Asylum 

Asylum status may be granted to an alien who meets the following requirements:

     1)  The alien is unable or unwilling to return to OR unable to unwilling to avail oneself of protection

     2)  Of the country of nationality/citizenship (or if stateless, the country of last habitual residence)

​​​     3)  Because of past persecution OR​ well-founded fear of future persecution

     4)  On account of race, religion, nationality, and/or membership in a particular social group or                         political opinion. ​ A severe economic situation in a county of nationality is not a ground for asylum.

Persecution is a broad concept that encompasses various degrees of harm or suffering inflicted upon an applicant, or a threat of harm or suffering, for possessing a particular belief or characteristic that is regarded offensive in a county of nationality. For example, persecution is not limited to a threat to the life or freedom or physical harm. It can also result from non-physical harm, such as the deliberate imposition of severe economic disadvantage or the deprivation of liberty, food, housing, employment or other essentials of life.

Also, violation of the fundamental human rights may amount to persecution, e.g., genocide, torture, 

prolonged detention without notice of and an opportunity to contest the grounds for detention, rape and other severe forms of sexual violence, forced abortion or sterilization, intolerable interference with the individual’s own religious belief, identity, or way of life that results in disproportionate punishment. 

Generally, mere threat of harm or suffering, harassment, discrimination, unpleasantness, arrests or detentions or even basic suffering without more does does not rise to the level of persecution. However, the context of discrimination and/or the totality of circumstances matter.  Therefore, whether certain acts amount to persecution is a case-by-case analysis. Call us now for an evaluation of the circumstances of your case to determine if you may be a good candidate for asylum. 386-248-3000