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There are numerous statutory grounds for mandatory denial of an asylum application, such as conviction of a particularly serious crime in the U.S., commission of a serious, non-political crime outside of the U.S. prior to arrival, resettling in another country prior to arriving to the U.S. The most typical grounds for denial are, however, a time bar and a denial of a previous asylum application. 

1) Time limit - 1 year deadline after the date of the last arrival in the U.S., unless an applicant                   demonstrates the existence of changed circumstances which materially affect the applicant’s               eligibility for asylum or extraordinary circumstances causing the delay in filing the  application and       the application must be filed within a reasonable time given the changed circumstances. 


    Examples of changed circumstances:

  • ​​changed conditions in the country of nationality (not changed personal circumstances) 
  • changes in U.S. law
  • activities involved outside of the county of nationality that place the applicant at risk
  • losing a dependent status due to aging out, divorce or death of principal applicant 

    Examples of extraordinary circumstances: 

  • serious illness or disability 
  • legal incapacity (minor or mental illness)
  • ineffective assistance of counsel 
  • rejected timely application
  • death in the family

​2) Previous application for asylum was denied - may re-file if the applicant can show changed or                extraordinary circumstances which materially affect the applicant’s eligibility for asylum, as long          as a final order of removal has not been entered. 


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 Grounds for Mandatory Denial of Asylum