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Practice Areas
Personal Injury

 Car Accidents

                    Personal Injury Attorney Fees

                    Making a Claim While Partially “At Fault”

                    Florida Car Insurance Coverage Overview

                    Florida PIP Coverage

                    Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

                    Types and Sources of Insurance Coverage

                    Property Damage and Diminished Value Claims

                    Insurance Claim Process

                    Personal Injury Lawsuit

                    Recoverable Personal Injury Damages

                    Factors that Affect Personal Injury Case Value

                    Calculating Personal Injury Settlement Value

                    Claims Against Government Entities in Florida

                    Insurance Investigation of Personal Injury Claims

                    Burden of Proof in Personal Injury Cases

                    Personal Injury Claims and Bankruptcy

​                    Claims Against Family Members ​ 

            Motorcycle Accidents
Trucking Accidents
Bicycle Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
             Slip & Fall 
             Premises Liability
             Wrongful Death
             Dog Bites       


   Lawful Permanent Residents (Green Cards)
Process for Obtaining a Green Card
 Green Cards through Family

                              - Removal of Conditions

                              - Financial Affidavit
Green Cards through Employment
Green Cards through Investment
Visas and Consular Processing
   Tourist Visas
 Student Visas

                          - M - Non-Academic Studies

​                          - F - Academic Studies
Temporary Employment Visas

                          - Labor Certification

                          - H1-B - specialty occupations

                          - H2-A - agricultural workers

                          - H2-B - non-agricultural workers

                          - L - Intracompany Transferees

                          - P - Artists, Athletes, Entertainers 

                          - O - Individuals with Extraordinary Ability

                     Fiancé(s) Visas
Family-Based Visas
 Naturalization and Citizenship
Deportation Defense
Deferred Action
Political Asylum​

​                    - Grounds for Asylum

​                    - Grounds for Mandatory Denial

                    - Asylum Process Overview

                    - Affirmative Asylum

                    - Defensive Asylum

                    - Statistics

                    - ​Keys to Successful Asylum

              Waiver of Inadmissibility
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